Racial Equity Work

Collaborating with The Motley Consulting Group and Meg Stein, Stronger Not Harder offers equity seminars and trainings in-person and online. All sessions are customizable to your team’s needs. Peruse our previous offerings as food for though.


“White Fragility” Community Read — We invite our community to come together to read and discuss Robin DiAngelo’s book “White Fragility” through the lens of anti-racism. Who is this for? White, White passing, Multi-racial White people who want to unpack their own whiteness for racial justice change. Specifically, those who consider themselves allies. Indigenous, Multi-Racial and People of Color who want to unpack the impact of white fragility on their own experiences and responses to racial justice change. Anyone who responded to the community re-read as follows:

“About Time”

“I started [reading, action, conversations]…this is right up my alley”

“I’ve wanted to do this, but didn’t know where to start. This is worth a try.”

Chapter by chapter, we explore how these seminal ideas impact our lives in a no-blame, non-confrontational way through history and current events in our country.


Strengths + Racial Equity = A Just Workplace!– Combined with the Strengths Discovery option, explore how different backgrounds and ways of thinking impact our teams and the ways we work. Learn to relate better to your colleagues and maximize each others differences as assets.


Interventions and Mediations– Are some of your team members not seeing eye to eye on issues of equity? Using strengths and equity research, we use an assets based approach to empathize with one another, heal painful wounds, and move forward with new understandings.