There are a few strengths I can pick out when they enter the room. The high expectations strength of Discipline® is definitely one of those! If someone looks like they are ready for a drill sergeant inspection with every hair in place, shoes shined, not a wrinkle present, and excellent posture—that’s Discipline®. The strength does not always appear this way, but when it does, it is unmistakable.


A great real-life example of Discipline® in action on the balcony and basement is celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. He grew up with an alcoholic father and a drug-addicted brother in and out of corrections. Ramsay has said that he was faced with feeling sorry for himself and joining them, or putting his head down and working hard. A testament to his self-created 120-hr work week, he chose the latter. Building a regular routine, gave him the reigns to his own success.


This life philosophy syncs up with his kitchen philosophy as well, saying, “the more organized you are in the kitchen, the easier it is.” In a truly altruistic way, Ramsay has made a name for himself by reaching out to struggling chefs, restaurants, and even prisons to provide organized structures to help people be successful in the kitchen and life. Working with the correctional system in the UK, he believes, if inmates are provided structure and skills, they can improve their stations in life. Ramsay thinks, if it worked for him, why can’t it work for others?


That’s a reasonable thought. But, the structure worked for Ramsay because he has the Discipline® talent. In most cases, it will not work for people low in Discipline® and higher in other talents that favor flexibility, like Arranger®, Adaptability®, and Connectedness®. His ability to thrive and reach high expectations in structure is a special strength of Ramsay’s and anyone with Discipline®.


Which brings us to the Discipline® basement… it can be hard to understand people being successful if they do not have an organized system or plan. Even more frustrating, and this is where Ramsay is notorious for losing his cool, is when people make errors despite you providing them a structured recipe for success. In Ramsay’s mind, he provided a perfect, controlled environment to produce a great result, and someone screwed up his hard work. As a result, it is often easier for Discipline® to work independently, so they may maintain control. Teamwork means loss of control and can be a nightmare for them.


For the poor people on the receiving end of a Discipline®’s or Gordon Ramsay’s frustrations, a helpful silver lining is that they are only upset because they care and are invested in you being a part of a successful outcome. You should really be scared when they stop caring.


A mature Discipline® knows structure works for them, but not necessarily everyone else. This can help them ease up their expectations on others. If you do not have Discipline®, but are close with someone with the talent, talk to them candidly about their routines and goals to better understand their priorities. Discipline® is hyper-focused on completing tasks at a high quality, and this can help you understand where they are coming from.



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