Do you love history and “finding your roots” like Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.? Then, you might share the Context® strength with Dr. Gates.


Context® is a talent in the Strategic Thinking domain. People strong in this talent look to the past to make sense of the present. Dr. Gates’ show “Finding Your Roots” on PBS is a great example of this. He meets celebrities, politicians, and prominent thought leaders, discusses their rise to power or fame, and embarks on a genealogical search of their origins through documents and DNA. Dr. Gates is skilled at finding something remarkable about a great-great-great-grandparent and relating it to the guest’s foundations for success. This is Context® in action!


Do you know someone at your work, place of worship, or school that has been there for decades and IS the institutional memory of the place? They just might have Context®! People with Context® are great at remembering the histories of everything. You can ask them questions and they have the answer. They know:

  • Why did we start that project?
  • Where did the idea for that project come from?
  • When did we start that project? (They might not know the exact date, but they can recall in relation to other events.)
  • Who wanted to start that project? (They might not remember the person’s name, but they can describe the person and what their role was in the project.)


Answering questions like those is Context® on the balcony. They are happy to put their memory to work to help others!

Another important way to keep Context® on the balcony is by giving them agendas before meetings. This way, they can research and contemplate what brought us to these points beforehand and be fully prepared and present at the meeting. Receiving new agenda information at a meeting forces someone with Context® into one of two basements. 1) They engage their historical thinking during the meeting, which can give them an aloof, despondent appearance. Others might complain that the Context® person is not paying attention, when in fact they are trying to mentally catch up so they can pay full attention. Or, 2) to be present, they neglect racking their brain for historical connections. This hinders the Context® person’s confidence in decision-making, which can impair their performance and verve for the conversation or work. So, for all of our Context®’s out there wanting to be on the balcony, please share your agendas or resources before meetings.


Another Context® need to consider is time. Because they believe in the foundation of things, they see no need to rush forward. If a solid blueprint of time or space can be researched or built, any future actions will be just fine. Context® folks are happy in this foundational phase and could stay there forever. If you are or know a Context® that can get stuck in this phase, partnering with Futuristic® or Activator® could be a helpful way to start putting the well-researched plans into action.


What do you think? Is this helpful to you as a Context® or someone that cares for a Context®?


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