Given recent current events, I have been reminded of the role the Belief® talent plays in the American political spectrum. This month, Senator Mitt Romney showcased this talent. And, I will pull from the annals of history to reference another notoriously contentious speech from Belief® President Jimmy Carter.

Belief® is an executing talent with a profound respect for purpose. Often, people with Belief® have strong spiritual beliefs that construct this purpose, but I have frequently seen atheists with Belief® and deep abiding purpose, as well.


In Mitt Romney’s dissenting speech, he signaled his Belief® so many times, that he might as well be a Gallup® StrengthsFinder® thesaurus. Some signals he mentioned are “respect for each other’s good faith,” “his oath before God,” “profoundly religious,” “awful obligation,” “act of conviction,” dictates of conscience,” “providence,”“duty to the best of his ability,” and ”determined what was done wrong.” Romney also got choked up when saying, “faith is at heart of who he is.”

Throughout the speech, Romney repeatedly illustrates his love of country and God. This moment for Romney is truly his, and anyone with Belief’s®, worst nightmare. He even said this is “the most difficult decision he ever faced.” It pits the two things he has built his world around against each other. In his mind, voting to convict the president was pitting love of country against love of God.

This is Belief® in the basement. Believers put a lot of stock in doing the right thing by their values. So, if they discover they did the wrong thing or their value system led them astray, it can be world shattering. What we saw in Mitt Romney’s speech was his world falling to pieces. As a result, I would not be surprised if he retires from politics after this.

Depending on how one looks at it, such an audacious speech to the public could also be a sign of Belief® on the balcony. Take President Jimmy Carter’s malaise speech or crisis of confidence speech for example. Reknown by presidential historians as one of the most politically tone deaf speeches ever made, many cite this speech as costing Carter his re-election. Preparing to address the country a 5th time about energy, he was frustrated that his entrusted American people and political system were not rallying around the issue like he assumed they could. This forced Jimmy Carter into a crisis of confidence in the American people and political system, which he then deflected to the source of his woes– that same public and political system.


Carter, another man of deep faith, had his trust in what he considered America’s greatest resources: its “people, values, and confidence.” They were challenged and destroyed when his energy policies did not go through. Thus, not surprisingly, he soon exited the presidency and the political limelight. Yes, this is a sign of the Belief® basement, but I think it can also be a sign of the Belief® balcony. Carter, and Romney for that matter, did everything he possibly could to execute his agenda, even sabotage his own career, because he valued it so much. If you are or know someone with Belief®, you can count on that same devotion and dedication to see tasks through. And, if they fail or make a mistake, be kind to them because their world may be shattering beneath the surface.



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