Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lennon, Walt Disney, and Eleanor Roosevelt shared one powerful CliftonStrength®! It is one that makes them still relevant today because they were all ahead of their time. And, that’s not just a saying. Every day and night, their minds were not thinking of the past or present, but of the time to come– the future! Yes, I hope you guessed it by now, they shared Futuristic®.

Dreamers and visionaries are often people with the Futuristic® strength. They can imagine a world that doe not currently exist. Given time, energy, and support, Futuristic® leaders have the power to manifest their dream. Unfortunately for these past heroes, time was cut short for them and the world has yet to see their full dreams realized. But, what we have seen thusfar as their legacy is still compelling even today, in their future.

Take Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He often spoke in imagery and visions. He could see the mountaintop eventhough he was not physically on it. He spoke in dreams that inspired millions. And, his dreams, while many considered them unrealistic, shaped the course of future events towards racial equity and justice worldwide.

One of the hard things about Futuristic® dreamers, including MLK, is that they can often be misunderstood or unappreciated because their consciousness is on another level and often not grounded. As a preacher, MLK associated this other level of being and thinking with spirituality and prayer. On the other hand, people low in Futuristic® and high in Executing talents communicate via tangible outcomes and may struggle to grasp such prose. But, a great leader on the balcony with their strength, like MLK, can find a way to connect through practice (For instance, MLK spent years cultivating his famous “I Have A Dream” speech.).


John Lennon similarly communicated his visions via song, most famously through “Imagine.” He unforgettably sings, “You may say I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one. I hope someday you will join us, And the world will live as one.” Seen as the anthem for worldwide peace, “Imagine” has received much criticism and protest over the years. As a Futuristic®, it is essential to find balance between working towards your audacious dreams and accepting that some people will never appreciate your dream. Regardless what others think or say, to live on the balcony, you must persist with your dream. Both assassinated by challenged extremists, this balance is one that MLK and John Lennon knew all too well.


Walt Disney is another famous Futuristic®, as he looked out at a big swamp in the middle of Florida and saw what we call today, Walt Disney World. He spoke frequently about the “magic of possibility.” And, he believed in imagining so much that he changed the name of a Disney engineer to imagineer!  And, needless to say, he developed Tomorrowland– now, that’s Futuristic®!

Walt Disney’s legacy is a great example that behind every great Futuristic® is a great executing team! Part of being a Futuristic® visionary is that you are often drawn into daydreams against your will. It just happens. It is your nature and it is how your brain works. In fact, it is your superpower. So, the best Futuristics® embrace their natural superpower. They give into their dreaming tendencies to develop world-changing plans, but rely on a strong team of people who have Executing as part of their strengths.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt has many famous quotes showcasing her forward thinking, but this above quote exhibits her Futuristic® best. She was often revered as a woman ahead of her time, and used her Futuristic® to put plans in action that would benefit the country and the world for generations to come. Her tireless commitment to human rights greatly impacted many programs for the poor and bereft that are still utilized today.

Like a true Futuristic®, she could never rest on her laurels. Even when hundreds of people would line up to thank her for the personal impact she made in their lives, it meant nothing to her. In fact, Eleanor questioned why they thanked her for things in the past when so much still needed to be accomplished. This attitude can be a Futuristic®’s greatest obstacle. Seeing a big, audacious future can also mean that you see the array of big, hairy roadblocks waiting to block your progress. And, it can be difficult to stop, see, and celebrate progress. For a Futuristic®, this can be paralyzing.

So, if this is you or someone you care about, revel in the magnificence of the dream. Work on bringing it into reality as much as you possibly can via visionboards, mantras, and illustrations. And, find an Executor that can help you start making baby steps towards its realization.

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