Over 2020, CliftonStrengths® is going through a change! In the Christmas spirit, there is most notably a red/green switch occurring on the CliftonStrengths color palette. According to Gallup®,

“We are making changes to the domain colors as they are not ADA compliant; our motivation stems from creating a color scheme that is friendly for all users. Our new color scheme achieves this goal while still aligning with our overall brand.

As you can see, the Strategic Thinking domain is the only color that has changed completely from red to green, while the other colors have changed in shade. We are excited about the opportunity to provide the best experience for every single user.”

I am overjoyed for this new change and consciousness from Gallup®. Working with over 1,000 individuals on their CliftonStrengths® as a Gallup®-certified strengths coach, I have found and many others have expressed concern about the inclusivity of some of Gallup®’s materials. These materials were predominantly developed by White, Christian professionals. So, when I work with humble communities of color, a lot can often be lost in translation to the point that some of the information does not land as Gallup® intends.

For instance, the terms for Belief® and Connectedness® have a spirituality tilt which can make it difficult for atheists to connect. The Input® definition has an abundance spin that, often, humble individuals do not see in themselves. Some of the Gallup®-sponsored activities can be ableist. And, a number of people have complained that the silhouette figures lack diversity and fair representation.

So, this post is not to complain, rather to celebrate that your voices have been heard! And, look out for some very exciting, new changes to come from Gallup® and Stronger Not Harder in the future!

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