Considering Santa Claus is a (SPOILER ALERT!) mythological creature and has perfect immortal status as Saint Nicholas, anyone could take artistic license to say how he exercises any of the 34 CliftonStrengths®. But, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find any Gallup-certified Strengths Coach that would not put Significance® in his top 5, if not number 1.


People with Significance® are driven to make a difference in people’s lives. Santa Claus has successfully made an impact with millions of people worldwide, and ultimately situated his entire career and life to be able to do just that. Embracing the spotlight as a way to make others feel special is Santa and any Significance’s® way to be on the balcony.


However, every strength is on a spectrum. While Santa is on the balcony, he can also be in the basement. The Significance® basement can look like someone needing to be the center of attention or having their name or face on something, no matter the cost. Arguably, Santa does this every year from Black Friday to Christmas Day. He is front and center in shopping malls, department stores, at parties, on decorations, and the list goes on.


Tactfully, Santa continues to use his Significance® to inspire and motivate ardent fans and a team of elves to support him. If you pay homage to Santa as a fan, he will bless you with a gift on Christmas morning. If you support him as an elf or Mrs. Claus, he will continue to earn your support by making you feel special and showering you with gratitude. And, hopefully, none of the other elves or Mrs. Claus also have Significance® because that could make things go awry.


Significance® is the second rarest strength, after Command®, which is probably for the best. I have yet to see a Significance® get along well with another Significance®. Reason being that Significance® needs the attention of the spotlight in order to succeed on the balcony.


Think of Hollywood. Many actors and actresses go to Hollywood because they feel called to be a “star,” which is a sure sign of Significance®. Then, they meet someone on set that also just wants to be a “star,” they marry, and have a catastrophic divorce a few months or years later. The pairing of Significances® is why Hollywood marriages are notorious for being short-lived.


That’s not to say a mature Significance® could not share the spotlight, but it would need to be in a way that did not diminish their star quality. In fact, celebrity couples in their early dating stages often experience such a collaborative spotlight effect when the media gushes over their union. But when that attention fades and returns to the individuals’ accomplishments, that collaborative spotlight reduces to individual spotlights that can compete with one another, leading to a separation.


This is important to know for any Significance® partnership or in the workplace. If an elf had Significance®, she could grow resentful that Santa gets the majority of the credit for her hard work. Santa would need to work extra hard to make that elf feel special to keep their work investment and motivation high.

So, do you agree Santa has Significance®? Or, do you think he does a great job exhibiting another strength?


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