Since I am in the middle of moving my home from Greensboro, NC to St. Petersburg, FL, I have been pondering how each of the 34 CliftonStrengths™ handles a big move. So, this week, I am taking a break from the usual format to share how the 34 strengths move. I hope you find it gives you some insights into the different strengths and some laughs. And if some of these sound strange, please sympathize and know they are likely from my personal experience this week.

AchieverⓇ ambitiously sets the goal that all packing, moving, and unpacking will be completed in a single week, and works diligently to follow through on meeting that goal.


ArrangerⓇ meticulously organizes boxes and the kitchen for optimal configuration, from nesting furniture within each other in the truck to storing pots close to the stove and the infrequently used pasta machine stored in the back cupboard. You likely try a few different configurations until satisfied.


BeliefⓇ reminds everyone how great the move and new home will be to keep us motivated through the back pain and what feels like the never-ending packing and unpacking.


ConsistencyⓇ has a specific packing and unpacking method/system that works for every object.


DeliberativeⓇ spends a few nights contemplating where to store the linens in your tiny new home (since there is no linen closet). You, ultimately, buy a bin to place under the sink for the towels and are happy and confident with this choice.


DisciplineⓇ puts the dishes in the specially designated dishware box. Books go in the book box. And, the two shall not mix or mingle.


FocusⓇ hones all energy and time towards the move until is it complete. If a friend wants to have a goodbye dinner for you the week of your move… maybe another time, friend.


ResponsibilityⓇ, you are the bubble wrap/moving quilt/ packing foam queen or king! Nothing will be broken if it is protected well with sufficient padding!


RestorativeⓇ fixes the lamp that was broken in the move back to working order.


ActivatorⓇ is so excited to start the move that they keep packing boxes into the middle of the night, then run out of steam the following day.


CommandⓇ supervises movers and helpers to put boxes in their correct rooms, keeps paths clear for safe moving, and ensures everyone is lifting with their legs and not their backs.


CommunicationⓇ says goodbye and shares the new address with all the old neighbors.


CompetitionⓇ can pack more boxes than you, can carry more boxes than you, and can unpack this box faster than you can. Don’t bring that Kool-Aide to a grown-up party!


MaximizerⓇ— Since we are going through and packing spices in the old apartment anyway, it is also a great time to minimize all the expired spices from the collection. Kill two birds with one stone!


Self-AssuranceⓇ is confident that you can drive a 26’ moving truck on the busiest travel day of the year with no need to pay for extra insurance from the moving company.


SignificanceⓇ— Despite tons of boxes, you, first, find and unpack the coffee, coffee pot, and you and your partner’s favorite mugs, so you can have a sweet, special moment on the first morning in your new home.


WooⓇ jumps out of the moving truck and starts meeting all the new neighbors.


AdaptabilityⓇ is not stressed. If we need to live among boxes for six months, it’s cool. I can adjust.


ConnectednessⓇ— On the first morning in the new home, you see three little birds outside your doorstep, and see it as a sign “that every little thing is gonna be alright.”


DeveloperⓇ finds out one of the movers has aspirations to own his own moving company and encourages him. You tell him that you can totally see him doing that one day.


EmpathyⓇ rubs your partner’s back because you intuitively know it’s sore from packing all day.


HarmonyⓇ— Your partner wants the larger closet for their clothing, so you make do with the smaller closet, even though you have more stuff.


IncluderⓇ— Despite the house being commandeered by boxes, you invite the new neighbors in for a celebratory drink to welcome them as your new friends.


IndividualizationⓇ— Intently and delicately ensures Grandma’s antique vase (or other valuables) is packed safely and checks to make sure it is safe throughout the move.


PositivityⓇ whistles while you work to bring the fun and keep everyone’s spirits up.


RelatorⓇ— With 12 hours of driving on the road, you engage your partner/captive in deep, existential conversations or that podcast you’ve been wanting them to listen to for months.


AnalyticalⓇ calculates that we are getting 7 miles/ gallon in this moving truck, times 500 miles, times these different fuel rates means our overall fuel cost is x. You work to stop at cheaper gas stations to lower fuel costs.


ContextⓇ is reminiscent with packing and unpacking. There is frequent stopping to say, “Hey, remember when we used this object for such-and-such event. That was a great time!” You also remember how everything was stored back at the old house and use that information when unpacking at the new house.


FuturisticⓇ— As boxes are filling up the new home, you are already imagining what new paint colors and/or furniture would look great in the space.


IdeationⓇ looks at the boxes and wonders:

  • What trees made these boxes?
  • How were these boxes designed?
  • What will happen to them when they are recycled?
  • How tall of a box tower could I create?
  • Could that box tower be decorative in our new home?
  • Maybe, we can get a cat that would like to play in our new box tower!
  • What would we name the cat? Boxy?


InputⓇ saved the original packing boxes for most of your household items in storage to repack just for this move or any future moves.


IntellectionⓇ enjoys starring out the window for 12 hours on the long drive to the new home. You contemplate the old home, your new life, and everything in between.


LearnerⓇ watches YouTube videos to identify optimal packing and unpacking methods to use.


StrategicⓇ finds packing and stacking boxes is like Tetris. Fun!


Have you used your strengths in these ways? If so, please share! If not, please share how you did.

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