Along with just about everyone else in America, I am completely and utterly charmed by Marie Kondo and have joined her bandwagon. Who could have ever thought that cleaning could be so popular or turn someone into a celebrity? Someone who believes in the Strengths philosophy could have told you it could be so! Self-actualization is only possible when someone takes their innate strengths and intentionally applies them, and that is exactly what Marie Kondo has done with what I presume to be her Arranger®.

Arranger® is an executing strength that drives people to organize. And, what is extra special about Arranger®, and key in Marie Kondo’s success, is that it is flexible in its organizing approach. Unlike the Discipline® strength where firm expectations are set, Arrangers® thrive off building flexible structures that include new information, developing players, and changing environments.

Arrangers® thrive off building flexible structures that include new information, developing players, and changing environments.

Both, Discipline® and Arranger®, are executing talents that discern and sort; however, the integrity of their sorting structures differ. If tasked with transporting or retaining water, Discipline® would be akin to metal drinking water pipes and tanks. The firm structure that protects the fluid on the inside from the environment is essential to its purpose. Arranger® is more like an estuary—the system is built to transport, retain, and clean water from drought to flooding conditions. An estuary changes its environment to meet the needs of the water. Marie Kondo may also possess the Discipline® talent, but her willingness to adapt her organizing system to every person’s environment and circumstances is a signature of Arranger®.

So, how do Arrangers® show up in your life? They may not be perfectly organized, minimalistic, or clean, like Marie Kondo, but they know what is there and where. Arrangers® are adept at moving pieces and players around to get things done. They bring to life the axiom “if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.” Arrangers® can be trusted to find a way to schedule one last meeting, fit one more shirt into an overstuffed suitcase, and, basically, manage a very busy life with many moving parts.

So, if you are an Arranger®, do you like to organize like Marie Kondo? Or, are you such a flexible Arranger® that other needs, like time or people, supersede organization as a priority? Do you possess another talent that may overshadow your Arranger®? Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep the conversation going.


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