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Brigid Belko Gorton

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

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Team Retreats

Leaders are eager to maximize their teams’ potential and address challenges in smarter, more creative ways. To efficiently meet the demand for stronger leadership and more balanced approaches, Stronger Not Harder provides team retreat packages for volunteers, employees, board members, and C-level executives.


Assessment and evaluation, unfortunately, have a tendency to fall to the back burner even though we value their ability to make our work more effective and efficient. That’s where Stronger Not Harder can provide you and your team an extra boost with qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research consultation.


Everybody needs a coach! Think about it—even the greatest Olympians have coaches. It’s not because they aren’t great, but because they can be greater! To reach your fullest potential, Brigid Belko Gorton, a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, can help you with any life challenges.


Moustafa Nassar, Recruiter

Using Brigid as a Strengths Coach helped me in two ways: 1) It gave me a better understanding of my coworkers, discovering how we can best use our skills and how we can thrive together. 2) It has shown me what work environment best suit my strengths. This is great for young professionals looking to find the right career path and company.

Lashawn Farmer, Nonprofit Director

CliftonStrengths educated me on who I am and gave me the light into my purpose! I am more driven now than I have ever been in my life.

Jason Bookheimer, City Director

Gaining a full understanding of my team’s strengths used to take up to a year or two. With the Clifton Strengths tool and Brigid’s guidance we are able to quickly position staff to excel and grow in their role in our team. Not only does it improve the individual, but it has fortified communication, teamwork, morale and helped us understand how our team can support each other positively. It has truly changed the way we conduct business, communicate on projects, and work everyday.

Dr. Doris Carver, Community College VP

If you want an outstanding leadership team, then I highly recommend that you provide the Clifton Strengths assessment to your team. I used it for my leadership team to identify ways to tailor professional development activities, help individuals accept and appreciate each other’s strengths, and to pair up individuals so that they might develop a better, more collaborative working relationship.

Linda Lemery, Manager

I gained insights into the strengths of the other team members and how we could tap into each other’s strengths to create solutions to problems.  We realized we could look at a set of circumstances differently to achieve a different perspective.  This is all really valuable and is not something I would have thought about without coaching.

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Imagine the world and everyone in it through strengths. Do you see the infinite possibilities? 

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